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If you are thinking about reselling your home you should work on improving the value of your home before you do. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get the value of your home to a higher level is to put better floors in your home. When you look at the renovations that bring in the most money you will see that both the kitchen and the bathroom bring the most value into a home. That means that you should replace the floors in both of these rooms before anything else. While most tile flooring will look great, marble flooring has a certain quality to it that people really love. 

The look is the most important thing about the marble for people who are reselling their homes, but there are plenty of other qualities that make it desirable as well. It will stay warmer in the winter which makes it great for bathroom floors because nobody wants to get out of the shower and step on to a freezing cold floor in the middle of winter. It is also very easy to clean, easy to maintain, and it just looks great. 

For a kitchen or a laundry room you could also benefit with stone instead of marble. Natural stone tile is very strong and it still looks really good. This means that you can cover a larger area for less than you would have to spend with marble and it will all last longer because of how strong stone is. You will have to work a little harder to get the stone installed in your home than you would with marble because of how much harder it is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it yourself, or that it will cost much more money. Think about replacing either of these two floors in your home before reselling it and you should be able to raise the price of your home without a problem and still sell it faster than you would have without those replacement floors. 

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